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Assist Biometric Access Control

Assist Biometric Access Control offers additional functions to identify patients and staff by accessing the application by fingerprint identification. These biometric identification techniques offer multiple benefits, both to the patient and the hospital, thus guaranteeing its security and identity.


  • Increases the security of patient and staff identification processes.
  • More comfort when performing identification processes.
  • Better reliability of processes.
  • Improves customer satisfaction with service.
  • Optimizes access to the system.
  • Reduces administration code management costs.
  • Better quality of patient service.


  • Patient registration by linking patient numbers to fingerprints.
  • Staff registration by linking the employees’ fingerprints to their user codes.
  • Fingerprint registration and access to system.
  • Patient authentication by fingerprint to guarantee identities and integrity.
  • Authentication of previously registered patients to streamline the public sales process.
  • User authentication linked to permissions in the system that guarantee access and integrity of information and the system.