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Assist CIS

Assist CIS is an information system for the operation of hospital centers with outpatients that mainly provide preventive medicine, general and emergency services.

This solution is completely integrated to Assist HIS and Assist EMR to manage the patients’ information and channel them directly in case that hospitalization or additional studies are necessary.

Business Processes

  • Disease control, immunization and checking.
  • Diagnosis and suggestion of possible treatments.
  • Instruction of the treatment to be followed, prescriptions and recommendations.
  • Containment and warning of possible treatment side effects.
  • Plans to optimize waiting times.
  • Cost reduction and greater patient convenience.


  • Process optimization by allowing diagnoses to be selected from an available CIE10-based catalog.
  • Better organization because doctors can plan their day by entering the application and checking appointment times and dates.
  • Optimization of laboratory, imaging and outsourced service requests, by offering the option in a single application.
  • Better management of doctors’ schedules by keeping records.
  • Better revenue control, enabling multi-payment collections and integrating them to the Accounting Department in real time.


  • Generation of a database to feed the hospital EMR, recording patients’ personal and demographic data, and enabling their consultation by various users in real time.
  • Access to the patient’s electronic clinical record, ensuring that the information is generally available to perform consultations, issue prescriptions or make updates.
  • Management of medical schedules (patients to be seen and patients seen).
  • Management of medical notes and prescriptions.
  • Management of clinical records.
  • Review of previous consultations.
  • Generation of laboratory and imaging requests.
  • Management of references and counter-references.