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Assist e-Patient Services

TCA Assist has developed Assist e-Patient Services, a web page that improves the efficiency of the hospital-patient relationship and improves the attention provided to patients and their relatives. Assist e-Patient Services may be used by patients to request and consult the various hospital services quickly and easily.

Business Processes

  • Patient clinical reports in real time.
  • Diagnostic aids.
  • Medical appointment schedule.
  • Medical appointment reminders.
  • Requests and programming of hospital products and/or services.


  • Improves the viewing of laboratory tests and results.
  • Optimizes appointment management.
  • Reduces administrative expenses by digitalizing processing of appointments and filing of paperwork, thus optimizing the staff workload processes.
  • Increases patient retention by offering well-designed facilities, which results in the return of 80% to the practice within the next 18 months.
  • Alerts reduce missed appointments.


  • Consultation of appointment history for reference.
  • Consultation of the amounts accrued of the accounts of hospitalization and services requested during patients' stays.
  • Confidentiality and management of user permissions or privileges by passwords.
  • Quick and direct access to consultation and diagnoses.