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Assist EMR

TCA Assist’s electronic medical record (EMR) is essential for a medical institution's medical and nursing staff, as it provides tools for control and registration of the medical attention received by patients in any area of the hospital.

Assist EMR (pursuant to the Health Ministry NOM-004 standard) provides all the relevant information of each of the patients served, register and consult notes, generate and follow up on indications and other activities that allow the staff to provide a better service and to resolve issues such as data duplication, illegibility of handwritten documents and the lack of standardization of the information.

Business Processes

  • Hospitalization.
  • Emergencies.
  • Diagnosis and treatment services.
  • Operating rooms.
  • Outpatients.


  • Better control and registration of the medical attention received by patients.
  • Better patient evaluation by nurses.
  • Greater efficiency of resources and cost reductions.
  • Greater agility in patient appointments.
  • Increased patient security.
  • Greater control of allergies.
  • Shorter patient waiting times.
  • More support in medication control.
  • Greater agility in the search of information from any point of the hospital.
  • More agility in generation of statistics.


  • Interface through the HL7 protocol.
  • Configuration by user type and departments.
  • Statistical reports and reports to external entities (Public Prosecutor, National Statistics Institute, Health Ministry, among others).
  • Issue of quality indicators of patient attention (waiting times, medical productivity, among others).
  • Compliance of the criteria to obtain certifications with internationally approved standards by bodies, such as the International Joint Commission or the General Health Council.