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Assist HIS

Integrity and ubiquity are important challenges that may be faced by hospitals when they don’t have adequate software solutions. If a hospital lacks a system to integrate the information from each of its different processes, it will not only lose control and money in its administration and operation, but it won’t be able to offer the best attention to its patients.

Assist HIS records, manages, operates and reports the information generated from patient admission to discharge and covers account charge and closure. Patient information management is critical, as it is the data used to identify patients in the institution and it enables the follow-up of the patient's charges and requests once admitted, concluding the process with the generation of the balance and invoicing of the account.

Business Processes

  • Clinical areas.
  • Non-clinical areas.
  • Outpatients.
  • Hospitalization.
  • Emergencies.
  • Supplies.
  • Management.
  • Accounting.


  • Faster recovery of the patient’s information and hospital transactions.
  • Greater cost efficiency because the systematizing of processes reduces investment in staff.
  • Better monitoring of materials, stocks and medication.
  • Less paperwork and paper consumption.
  • Better TAT (Turn Around Time) of hospital processes.
  • Better audit control and compliance with certifying authorities.


  • Registration of patients in hospitalization and emergencies.
  • Reports of hospitalized patients in the hospital by department or ward.
  • Patient admission and discharge consultations.
  • Configuration and management of packages.
  • Cashier transactions and reports.
  • Traditional and electronic invoicing.
  • Opening of credit and extensions.
  • Administration and transfer of folios (individuals – companies)
  • Audit reports.
  • Additions and removals of records.