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Assist Payroll

The main mission of the payroll department is to guarantee that every employee is remunerated accurately and on time, with all the correct withholding and deductions.

Assist Payroll uses control methods to optimize payroll processes by applying the provisions of the fiscal and labor laws of the country where the contracts are made. Assist Payroll also parametrizes the hospital’s specific needs in order to process the payroll as efficiently as possible.

Business Processes

  • Payroll.
  • Employment.
  • Staff control.
  • Training.
  • Vacations control.
  • Incident control.


  • Integrates payroll processes under automation of complex calculations, eliminates calculations outside the system and minimizes the risk of errors.
  • Automates the pre-payroll processes such as absences, overtime, permissions, sick leave and exceptions.
  • The control modules improve control of vacations, loans, lockers, savings accounts, among others.
  • Eliminates manual administrative processes.
  • Increases the efficiency of the Human Resources Department by creating files of employment history, prospects, hiring, training, as well as managing all the aspects of hiring.
  • Provides the tools necessary to comply with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare thanks to its course management module, because it allows lists of certificates of skills or labor abilities to be filed to the Ministry.
  • Improves attendance control by means of IBIX fingerprint clocks, as well as access control to payroll, dining hall and vacations.
  • Runs complex payroll requirements promptly, accurately and flexibly.
  • Reduces configuration costs, processing time and errors.
  • Optimizes the payroll receipt issuance process through electronic media by generating Internet Electronic Fiscal Invoice (CFDI) and also ensures compliance with the Tax Administration Service (SAT) provisions.
  • Stamps the documents individually or collectively as required by the tax laws.
  • Has interfaces for the PACs Interface, Electronic Invoice, Feasible Solution and Next Technologies to generate and stamp XML and PDF files.
  • Calculates tax withholding, Income Tax, Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), Savings Retirement Fund (SAR) and Federal Housing Fund (INFONAVIT) contributions correctly.
  • Sends Internet Electronic Fiscal Invoice (CFDI) to employees’ email addresses automatically.


  • Generate information for the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) (registrations, cancellations and modifications).
  • Vacations management (scheduling of vacations and generation of days taken and to be taken).
  • Proportional calculation of year-end bonuses and vacation bonuses.
  • Settlement calculations.
  • Definition of standard rules to assign and change compensation and employee benefits automatically.
  • Minimization of consultations by the work force by providing data and remuneration history in real time.
  • Configuration and management of customized policies with a single global payroll engine.
  • Simultaneous processing of multiple employee groups.
  • Configurable security for unique access.
  • Multiple integration with PACs.
  • Records personal data (education, work experience, family, medical records).
  • Generate prospect reports.
  • Creates skill, knowledge, education and language catalogs.
  • Calculates integrated daily salaries automatically.
  • Defines multiple employer registries.
  • Registers and reports of courses taken and to be taken.
  • Records incidents.
  • Calculates payrolls.
  • Generates previews, receipts and payroll reports.
  • Cancels non-collected receipts.