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Assist PHR

Assist PHR is a mobile application for the patients of your hospital, so they can consult information about their health and the hospital’s services and doctors.

This application improves the patient experience, as it provides better access to the hospital's services and doctors. The application also strengthens patients’ relationships with the hospital by allowing them to make appointments, check medical notes, obtain medication reminders, view diagnosis results and follow-up on prescriptions, among other things.

Business Processes

  • Communication with patients from the various business processes in place.
  • Enables the communication process to make appointments.
  • Enables the efficient delivery of results to ensure prompt availability.


  • Increases promotion of the use of other studies, because being able to view them in an app will make patients prefer to obtain them there.
  • Improves the patient experience.
  • Improves the hospital’s competitiveness.
  • Increases the generation of a barrier to the competition by establishing a closer relationship with patients and its potential market by offering a unique experience when interacting with the hospital.
  • Increases the hospital’s visibility by showing the variety of doctors in its catalog.


  • Displays appointments and the history of previous and scheduled appointments. 
  • Connectivity with Assist EMR to consult information in the electronic clinical record validated by the hospital, laboratory tests, medical imaging, pathology and emergency medical notes.
  • Enables the making and reminder of appointments.
  • Enables doctors to share prescriptions electronically.