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Innsist Contact Center Reservations

When hotels are part of a hotel group, they face the challenge of centralizing promotion and communication efforts in an effective and efficient way, investing the least amount of their resources in making communication with their customers much more efficient and standardized.

Innsist Contact Center Reservations allows hotel groups to coordinate the efforts of the sales and marketing team from the same point, managing to be the contact between the future guest and the hotel, and becoming an important source of income acquisition.

Business Processes

  • E-mail marketing.
  • Packages and promotions.
  • Contact center for reservations.


  • It improves communication control in the hotel group by centralizing commercial efforts.
  • It increases the productivity of the marketing team by having the promotion tools for all the properties in the same system.
  • It improves the control of the pricing strategy by implementing promotions and packages in a corporate way.


  • Concentrating databases.
  • Segmenting massive communications.
  • Integrating the reservation requests with the Innsist Property Management System.
  • Establishing special packages and promotions.
  • Generating general productivity statistics by campaign.