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Innsist Corporate Back Office

The conciliation and standardization of information and processes within a hotel group is essential, and having a system that centralizes and integrates the efforts of all properties helps increase efficiency and reduce corporate costs.

Innsist Corporate Back Office is a solution that integrates the tools that facilitate the management of the different accounting data generated in each of the hotels that correspond to a hotel group, integrating and debugging information from one or more different sources and then processing and analyzing it from infinite perspectives and with great response speeds.

Business Processes

  • Standardized catalogs.
  • Combined/consolidated financial statements.
  • Summarization of balances.


  • It improves processes by standardizing them, obtaining centralized reports.
  • It increases the quality of the information generated in the properties.
  • It optimizes internal data control by automating corporate reports.


  • Centralizing and replicating standardized catalogs.
  • Converting of master catalogs and sub-catalogs.
  • Creating a tax module to determine VAT, ISR, among others.
  • Creating branches for clients and suppliers.
  • Generating financial statements for individual and consolidated companies.
  • Graphing monthly and accumulated results.
  • Graphing the competitive set of the market.
  • Consolidating of stock exchange.
  • Generating reports, certificates and attachments for the stock exchange.
  • Graphing results of the group, hotels and operator.
  • Generating comparative and special reports.
  • Generating ratios reports.