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Innsist Event & Group Management

Groups and conventions are a very important business sector for the hotel industry because they generate significant revenues for properties, both in terms of accommodation and food and beverages. If there is a solution that is correct and integrated into the rest of the hotel operation, each member of a group becomes a lead and a guest who must be given the right follow-up both during and after their stay; therefore, the event and group management systems are a vital component of the hotel business.

Innsist Event & Group Management enables events to be managed throughout their entire cycles and is divided into three stages: event planning, execution and closure. This solution has numerous tools that will help your hotel or hotel chain in the reservation of functional spaces and the efficient administration of events.

Business Processes

  • Follow-up on potential groups and events and the closing of contracts.
  • Service orders.
  • Administration of events, halls and rooming lists.
  • Account and contact control.
  • Closing of groups and events in master accounts.


  • Increases the commercial team’s targets by offering a detailed follow-up on leads and sales targets.
  • Better performance in the planning of events by having all the internal processes in detail for assist the group coordinator in the operation.
  • Greater specialization in the events and conventions sector by offering follow-up for groups from different market segments (conventions, social and business events, among others).


  • Manages the different services of group sessions.
  • Provides an agenda of activities for adequate follow-up.
  • Manages the agenda of service orders for the food, beverage and banquets department.
  • Configures multi-functional space based on the needs of the group and the different sessions required.
  • Automates the activities of the sales team and banquets in order to meet the budget targets set by the hotel.
  • Manages the closure of master accounts.
  • The integration with the Innsist Property Management System ensures greater agility in inputting data and registering general statistics.