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Innsist Interface Monitor

Innsist Interface Monitor has the necessary tools to identify if the communication between hotel systems and technology providers is being carried out correctly, as well as being able to establish alert parameters to identify and correct errors before having an impact on the services offered by the hotel.

Innsist Interface Monitor monitors all connection processes with technology providers to ensure the proper functioning of a hotel, and it also controls the data generated in different systems, such as: distribution channels, revenue systems, CRM, billing, among others.

Business Processes

  • Monitoring of central processes.
  • State of interfaces.
  • Real-time online notifications.
  • Movements log.
  • Connectivity tests.
  • Productivity statistics by services and by hotel.


  • It identifies, in a graphic and friendly way, the hotels and systems that have alerts or are lacking communications in a given period.
  • Directing communications from the portal to the TCA support staff to activate the connectivity tests, thus identifying the source of the loss of communication with the provider.
  • It decreases overselling due to constant communication with distribution channels, making it possible to ensure accuracy in daily occupancy closures.
  • It improves the effectiveness in the income generated by guests by preventing the loss of charges during the interruption of a system.


  • Logging of activities and movements by interface/process.
  • Detailed processes and status of each interface.
  • It has a statistics panel by interface to measure the productivity of the different integrations.
  • It directs communications on the platform to the different support teams of TCA Software Solutions.
  • It has a list of interfaces activated and configured in the hotel.
  • It shows online notifications in real time according to the configuration established in the hotel.
  • It does connectivity tests with each interface configured for the detection of errors between the systems communicated.