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Innsist Ownership Management System

Innsist Ownership Management System is a solution specialized in properties that offer vacation clubs and time shares. This solution offers complete control of partner/membership management by personalizing the system based on the needs of the business and optimizing the resources within its reach.

Our solution will give you the right control and monitoring of the commercial cycle, from the configuration of packages to follow-up on leads and attracting new customers, follow-up on partners/memberships, the generation of contracts and integration with third-party system, and even the management of financial processes.

Business Processes

  • Lead prospecting.
  • Targeted campaigns.
  • Sales tours.
  • Membership management.
  • Financing plans.
  • Collections.


  • Increases conversion percentage pf prospects into partners/members.
  • Improves the quality of targeted campaigns.
  • Provides full monitoring of sales tours.
  • Improvements and controls financing processes and plans.
  • The Customer Journey function increases the visibility of the entire acquisition and management process of new contracts.
  • Facilitates draw-downs from the financial cycle with follow-up on revenues, payments, commissions, and purchases, among others.


  • Marketing campaign administration.
  • Lead to prospect management.
  • Approvals management.
  • Tour management.
  • Properties management.
  • Loyalty programs management.
  • System user management.
  • Automated inventory turnover.
  • Billing of recurring charges.
  • Finance management.
  • Audit registration.
  • Exchange rate management.
  • Price and tax management.
  • Payment and collection management.
  • Remuneration management.