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Innsist Point of Sale

The quality and speed of food and beverage services is fundamental for guests to have pleasant experiences during their stays. Knowing their consumption preferences and offering more personalized experiences is fundamental to increase the loyalty of your guests and generate greater revenues.

Innsist Point of Sale will provide you with an integral solution that, thanks to its functions, streamlines the internal and operating processes in consumption centers and enables the hotel staff to focus on the service provided to diners by making it more personal and focused on meeting the needs for speed and efficiency. This solution is also the perfect ally for the control of budgets and costs in the department.

The integration with the rest of the products in the TCA Innsist suite of solutions makes Innsist Point of Sale the response to the need for effective communication in the consumption centers at your hotel or hotel chain.

Business Processes

  • Diners’ service.
  • Closing of accounts.
  • Inventories.
  • Budgets.
  • Packages and promotions.


  • The systemization and monitoring of orders streamlines the operative processes of consumption centers.
  • Guest preferences reports increase the generation of food and beverage revenues through the creation of specific promotions.
  • An integral control of inventories, recipes and budgets reduces the costs of the food and beverage department.


  • Issues cold and hot kitchen requirements.
  • Provides the charge-to-room function.
  • Accepts the different payment methods configured by the hotel.
  • Enables the separation of checks.
  • Receives and follows-up on room service orders.
  • Provides a record of service times to reduce response times.
  • Keeps a record of guest preferences.