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Innsist POS Mobile App

In order to increase operational performance and given the current need to offer guests a personalized, remote and fast service, there must be a mechanism to help the consumption centers and their staff.

Innsist POS Mobile is an application that provides waiting staff with the tools to enable them to meet the requirements of consumption centers, regardless of their locations in the different areas of the hotel and without having to move greater distances to points of sale, thereby reducing customer service response times.

Business Processes

  • Making reservations in consumption centers.
  • Opening, managing and closing orders.
  • AandB reports and statistics.


  • Improves service times to diners/guests because the configuration sends the orders to the kitchen and cashier automatically.
  • Increases customer satisfaction by making direct posts to rooms through integration through the Innsist Property Management System suite.
  • Reduces personnel costs by ensuring effective and automated communication with the different departments involved over considerable distances within the property.


  • Supports multiple consumption centers in the hotel or chain of hotels.
  • Assignment of user profiles.
  • Distribution of tables to check availability.
  • Food and beverage statistics by diner.
  • Integration with the Innsist Property Management System to search customers and credit validations.
  • Validation of guests’ digital signatures.
  • Print-outs of accounts.