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Innsist Purchasing

To develop satisfactorily the management of a hotel group, it’s important to make more efficient the process of acquiring materials, equipment and services that are required for the operation of each hotel.

A system that allows your hotel to evaluate and choose the best suppliers’ propositions and offers a punctual follow-up to the acquisitions that are made in each property, will provide a bigger panorama of the purchasing process and a saving in internal costs.

Innsist Purchasing is the technological solution with which you can follow up on requests for purchases and requisitions, allowing strict control of the hotel group's internal processes.

Business Processes

  • Suppliers.
  • Warehouse requisitions.
  • Purchase requisitions.
  • Reception and return of merchandise.
  • Purchase orders.


  • It reduces internal operating costs by having a supplier selection process that performs the evaluations effectively according to the needs of the operation.
  • It improves warehouse and assortment controls, since the application and authorization processes are established for each department of the hotel.
  • It improves the quality of products, services and materials acquired by coordinating the entire process from one same system.


  • Generating warehouse requisitions.
  • Inventory management.
  • Administrating purchase orders.
  • Price management by articles.
  • Price management by suppliers.
  • Purchasing and supplier reports.