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Innsist Back Office

Innsist Back Office is a solution specialized in the processes of the industry that uses the corresponding language and metrics and meets fiscal requirements. It’s an ERP with an architecture that allows focusing on the registration of an administrative or operational procedure, which is dragged logically within a predetermined operational flow, generating reports, indicators, financial statements and everything in-between.

Through a series of control panels and indicators monitoring, this application is an excellent tool to follow up on the fulfillment of the objectives of each department, with the purpose of measuring the operational, accounting and financial performance of your hotel or group of hotels.

Innsist Back Office is backed by knowledge and experience in the needs of the hotel industry and applies the best practices to internal management. Each report, indicator, process monitor, financial statement and operating policy generated is designed by using the best practices of the hotel industry.

Business Processes

  • E-accounting.
  • General fund.
  • Collection.
  • Payments to suppliers.
  • Audit.


  • It increases control and monitors the compliance of objectives from each department, in order to measure the operational, accounting and financial performance of your hotel.
  • Ii increases the hotel’s basic financial capabilities and generates accurate reports in real time.
  • It improves and streamlines information flows by integrating all the products of TCA Innsist’s suite of solutions, providing the tools for a more productive and effective management among all hotel departments.
  • It facilitates the follow-up of accounting reports by being integrated with Office tools such as Excel.
  • It optimizes internal accounting and tracking processes by integrating data only once in a consistent and complete manner and then storing it in centralized databases in which its components interact with each other, consolidating all operations.
  • It helps to comply in time and form with the current fiscal requirements of the E- accounting and E-billing through its fiscal alliances with the market leaders, making the updates related to the constant changes required by the Treasury and the hotel industry in time and form.


  • It has a management panel that is designed to display accounting information in the first instance, similar to a check balance where balances can be verified, auxiliary analysis can be performed, policies can be worked on, among others.
  • Includes all types of policies: opening, repetitive, reversible and accounting.
  • Our Module of Financial Statements, in addition to the generation of typical accounting reports such as balance, ratio of balances and journals, has an extra module to design and issuance financial statements with indicators, following the standards of the industry in terms of its presentation.
  • It has a set of options to audit and control administrative operations.
  • The accounting (charges, credits) is carried out in the national currency, and it has the option to activate a second currency (dollars) so that all the operations are stored additionally in this second option and financial statements can be issued in the defined modality.
  • Carrying out consolidation in the form of a tree with up to 30 companies to obtain consolidated financial statements from.
  • Generating, from its financial accounting, the fiscal accounting required by the SAT.
  • It contemplates options to determine the annual budget of the following year, visualizing the financial statement month by month to analyze the EOP.
  • It has a module to configure the apportionments that are required.
  • It has a module to configure the provisions that will be made each month based on budgets, account balances and transactions between them.
  • It shows the requests (requisitions) of warehouse or purchase that have not yet been filled, that are in process due to lack of authorization (electronic), that are being quoted or which purchase orders have not been generated.
  • It shows, on a screen, the balances of suppliers and their age, classified according to their: services, merchandise or various creditors.
  • It presents the daily information of the costs of each of the consumption centers.