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Innsist® Centralized Procurement

As a part of the Shared Services Center, TCA Innsist handles central or corporate purchases. The system distinguishes suppliers by country, region and hotel, for which they’re assigned a template with the products that they can supply. Suppliers capture their prices based on the specifications of the items and eventually undergo competition to conclude with a list of authorized prices that will be sent to each of the hotels. From there, if the hotel requests a corporate item, it will be assigned to the corresponding and authorized supplier.

Innsist Centralized Procurement contemplates the purchase statistics by country, region, brand, supplier and items for the analysis of the purchase’s volume.


  • Low costs for economy of scale.
  • Standardize the quality of products.
  • Reduce the number of suppliers and its administration.
  • Unify criteria of logos, colors and sizes to unify hotel brands and/or hotel chains.