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Innsist CRM Sales & Marketing

Improving the tariffs negotiated by the Commercial Department and providing customers with services targeted to the needs of their markets are strategies of the hotel industry that enable it to retain more customers by identifying and differentiating them.

Innsist CRM Sales & Marketing manages and specializes the sales cycles in hotels and hotel chains by focusing on the organization, automation and synchronization of their sales forces, marketing campaigns and guest service.

Business Processes

  • Commercial account management.
  • Configuration of tariffs with companies (allotments and tariffs).
  • Administration of commercial team’s activities.
  • Administration of incentives/commissions.
  • Marketing campaign management.


  • Improves sales force productivity by automating the negotiation activities and follow-up.
  • Improves the follow-up with agencies and RFPs of the property by obtaining an analysis of performance and following-up on the negotiation of contracts, special tariffs and allotment based on occupation.
  • Improves the follow-up on and generation of marketing campaign statistics and effectiveness.
  • Automates the loading of data thanks to its integration with Innsist Property Management System, thus optimizing times and reducing inputting errors.


  • Administration of user levels within the system to set metrics and follow-up on the sales team's agendas and targets.
  • Follow-up on the sales team's prospecting and sales closing as a tool to increase the effectiveness percentage.
  • Our integration of Innsist CRM Sales & Marketing with the Innsist Property Management System improved the follow-up and experience of your guests at the hotel, both for lead guests and each of their companions registered and helps to learn their consumption habits to generate statistics of their stays.
  • Centralized and standardized catalogs for guests, agencies and customers.
  • Management and sending of e-mail marketing campaigns to the database established for the target market of the property defined, with an option of more than 50 configurable filters.
  • Guest, agency and company database management to identify the performance and productivity generated by each channel to assign the market strategy by the segments desired.