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Innsist Property Management System

Innsist Property Management System is a solution that provides the tools to stablish follow-up processes and parameters to the different business processes requests and needs of a hotel, achieving worldwide recognized standards to boost its growth.

Our solution streamlines the operation and administration of the hotel, providing the appropriate technological tools to offer an exceptional service to the guest at all times. Innsist Property Management System allows the team to comply with its activities and functions, such as establishing pricing strategies, successfully operating the reception, managing the rooms inventory and night audit, coordinating in group logistics, and issuing tax invoices.

Innsist Property Management System’s features are based on the best industry practices, and its integration with TCA Innsist’s suite of products makes it the End-to-End solution that your hotel needs.

Business Processes

  • Tariff strategy.
  • Rooms inventory.
  • Reservations.
  • Reception (check-in and check-out).
  • Room assignment.
  • Control and management of groups.
  • Master accounts.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Tax invoice.
  • Night audit.


  • It improves the hotel processes in each of the operational and administrative areas by providing a detailed follow-up of each request.
  • It increases the performance and efficiency in the reception of the hotel, by facilitating and expediting the processes of registration and departure of the guest.
  • It improves fare strategies by providing control of all reservation channels.
  • It guarantees the security of your guests’ information when complying with the requirements regarding the handling of sensitive data in the hotel.
  • It configures the system according to the operation and standards established by the property.
  • It streamlines the attention to groups within the property by allowing established blockades for control and administration before, during and after the stay.
  • It increases the efficiency of the housekeeping team by controlling availability and general conditions of the rooms, as well as the maintenance that is required inside the hotel.
  • It improves the control of the income generated per day by having a specialized night audit for the needs of the property, allowing the identification of movements generated in the different consumption centers and rooms, and providing the appropriate reports for immediate follow-up.
  • We provide a comprehensive consulting service and advise our clients on the best industry practices and processes to obtain the maximum use of our solution.


  • Integrations to access the rooms through cards or mobile devices (virtual key).
  • Monitoring and quality control of guest services through Innsist Quality Management System.
  • Administration of workloads for the housekeeping department.
  • Rooms inventory control.
  • Room cleaning updates through our telephone integration for maids.
  • Night audit.
  • Lost & found objects control.
  • Electronic billing.
  • Integrated reservations with all industry channels.
  • Establishing pricing and allotment strategies for each distribution channel.
  • Guest registration (check-in and check-out).
  • Room assignment.
  • Controlling and management of open and closed blockades (groups).
  • Folio assignment for consumption prior to check-in.
  • Multi-property management.
  • Bank integration with debit and credit cards.