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Innsist SPA Management

Attracting the greatest number of new customers to the spa is of the utmost importance for hotels that offer this service.

It is essential to have the tools that establish processes to control and administrate the consumption center better and to improve performance with the correct follow-up on the internal costs of the spa and better guest service.

Innsist SPA Management enables the reservation and resource management processes of both spaces available and special amenities, are transparent and agile for guests and the hotel.

Business Processes

  • Reservation of services.
  • Administration of therapists.
  • Cost control.
  • Sales of spa services and articles.
  • Sales of admissions and memberships.


  • Improves the guest experience by having a history by knowing more about their consumption preferences and thus offering them personalized services.
  • Strengthens cost control in the management of recipes, inventories, portions and ingredients, among others.
  • Streamlines sales of articles and services in the spa by managing it as another point of sale in the property.
  • Improves the administration of the productivity of therapists and cabins.


  • Reservation of services.
  • Administration of therapists and cabins.
  • Sales of services.
  • Sales of articles.
  • Management of guests’ histories in the spa to assist in campaign planning.
  • Provides inventory control of products offered.
  • Configures the assignment of price, packages and promotions.
  • Validation of electronic signatures for the authorization of charges.
  • Services can be charged to rooms on being integrated with the Innsist Property Management System.
  • Control and management of commissions to third parties and the concierge.
  • Provides the tools necessary to manage therapists’ workloads correctly.
  • Controls access to humid areas.
  • Controls special amenities.