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Innsist® Third-Party Integration

TCA Innsist offers 3 different integration scenarios:

  1. Integration with Hotel Services
  2. Complementary software
  3. Other Solutions

To grow at the planned rate, it is essential that hotels and hotel chains be supported by software solutions that keep all administrative and operative processes integrated: from reservations, rate management, income optimization, control of consumption centers, spa management, among others.

TCA Software Solutions has developed interfaces with third-party solutions to facilitate their integration with TCA Innsist.

Integration with Hotel Services:

There is a wide variety of hardware and software products that complement TCA Innsist in different hotel areas.

TCA Innsist has more than 700 integrations with different hotel services providers, to achieve a complete integration of all hotel processes and improve guest service.


Integration with hotel services that complement guest attention:

  • Room Keys
  • Internet
  • Minibar
  • Room Environment Control
  • Room Energy Control

  • PBX
  • Call Accounting
  • TV Entertainment
  • Voice Mail
  • ID/Passport Scanners

Complementary software:

The increase of online reservation channels, hotels must adopt simplified distribution strategies to keep a direct connection to the PMS. TCA Innsist complies with international standards of OTA integration that provide the best practices for integration to: GDS (Global Distribution Systems), IDS (Internet Distribution Systems), CRS (Central Reservation Systems), and IBE (Internet Boooking Engines)

Because of this 2-way interface, reservations are automatically integrated with Innsist PMS, which allows saving time and avoids overbooking. Availability and rates are sent to the central channel manager directly from Innsist PMS, and are automatically sent to the multiple channels and distribution platforms.


Integration with complementary software:

  • Central Reservation System (CRS)
  • Revenue Management System (RMS)
  • Global Distribution System (GDS)
  • Internet Distribution System (IDS)

  • Channel Management System (CMS)
  • OTAS (Online Travel Agency)
  • Booking Engine (BE)

Other solutions

To support the needs of all hotels and hotel chains, TCA Innsist has total flexibility by providing the possibility to integrate to any third-party solution of the hotel industry: PMS, Back Office systems, POS systems, CRM, SPA Management systems, among others.