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Merksyst Allocation and Planning

When creating commercial strategies, companies must consider the different challenges they face every day. Such obstacles include lost revenues due to inventory shrinkage and high logistical costs caused by inefficient arrangement of goods in the warehouses and distribution centers as a result of poor planning of goods resupply.

With Merksyst Allocation and Planning, you can increase revenues by forecasting product demand and reduce losses caused by operating errors. This solution helps the business to maximize efficiency in the goods supply and storage processes by applying forecasts based on statistics, strategic plans and the centralization of information to take proactive decisions to be able to meet demand and improve merchandise management.

Business Processes

  • Reception of merchandise.
  • Distribution of merchandise in the warehouse.
  • Transfers between branches and distribution centers.
  • Control of merchandise.
  • Supply.


  • Improves the planning of the allocation of products in the warehouse by integrating the relevant sales information.
  • Maximizes logistics efficiency based on the demand of each product.
  • Reduces losses in goods supply and storage processes.
  • Improves operations by standardizing logistical processes.


  • Periodic inventory management.
  • Supply management, considering joint factors such as the starter of a product to be supplied and in stock, and requests for transfers between branches.
  • Definition of business rules for provisioning.
  • Identifies the value contributed to the business by each product.
  • Configurable location process management based on trade and size of business.
  • Management of transfers between branches and/or distribution centers.
  • Shipment management based on size, route and delivery sequence.
  • Combination of statistics and forecasts for the creation of strategic plans.
  • Viewing of personalize operation based on user roles.
  • Integration into the acquisitions’ system.
  • Integration with commercial strategy and inventory control applications.