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Merksyst Financial

The accelerated growth of a commercial business goes hand-in-hand with a large amount of information generated in the daily operation. The lack of technological capacity to manage a business and analyze its performance limits the growth and weakens its solidity due to the presence of economic leaks in the different departments of the company.

Merksyst Financial is an application that sets the base for your business to generate value in the market by having greater control and flows management. This solution provides the tool to collect, assign and analyze costs per project and business processes to evaluate its revenue sources and prepare better planning thanks to a more effective financial analysis that allows you to make forecasts and take actions that ensure the continuous growth of the business.

Business Processes

  • Accounting.
  • Accounts receivable.
  • Accounts payable.
  • Treasury.
  • Fixed assets.


  • Better control of financial processes.
  • Simplifies the accounting processes.
  • Simplifies the extraction and analysis of reports.
  • Reduces losses due to poor management.
  • Improves the integration of the different departments’ financial transactions.
  • Increases the efficiency of expenses processing.
  • Facilitates business growth.


Accounts Receivable

  • Cashier delivery.
  • Delivery collection.
  • Application of collections from agents using portable terminals.
  • Manual collections from agents.
  • Application of discounts per article.
  • Relation of collections by salesperson.
  • Calculation of commissions.
  • Dispatch of reimbursement vouchers.

Accounts Payable

  • Retail payment transactions.
  • Reimbursement of vouchers.


  • Impact of accounting guides.
  • Sales analysis.
  • Purchasing analysis.


  • Revenue distribution.


Fixed Assets