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Merksyst Kiosk Ordering

One of the strongest concerns for retailers is the reduction of waiting times in service lines because, on average, a customer can wait more than 10 minutes to be served at the counter, which can lead to discontentment and a poor perception of the service received. In order to instill self-service and simplify the purchasing process in commercial establishments, the retail industry must implement alternative technologies to help to reduce waiting times and improve customers’ experiences.

Merksyst Kiosk Ordering is an application that enables your business to streamline the service offered to its customers by providing a purchase experience without having to wait in line. This solution improves the delivery control of merchandise at the counter by generating a ticket listing the articles required by your customer, thus allowing orders to be generated from the different points of contact with access to the product catalog.

Business Processes

  • Product entry.
  • Purchase order generation.
  • Selection of method of payment.
  • Print-outs of tickets.
  • Collection of tickets.


  • Increases the service offer through technological innovation.
  • Reduces service and payment waiting times.
  • Improves the control of delivery of merchandise at the counter.
  • Reduces operating costs.
  • Reduces the number of staff in sales processes.
  • Reduces human error when raising orders.


  • Generate pre-sales.
  • Grants discounts on articles.
  • Grants discounts on total sales.
  • Consults registered tickets.
  • Modification of pre-sales.