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Merksyst Loss Prevention

Loss of revenues due to theft or fraud in commercial establishments is a risk to your growth. Faults in security systems and gaps in business processes hinder detection actions due to the lack of clarity in your key performance indicators or the lack of real-time access to information.

Merksyst Loss Prevention is an application that allows you to take decisions that help prevent suspicious activities and minimize losses in the different departments of your business. With this application, you will receive notifications and access the key indicators of your operation to detect errors and take actions to reduce losses. The application will also define your business rules and will increase the visibility of your operation to take decisions that will enable you to eliminate the causes of theft in your business.

Business Processes

  • Definition of key performance indicators.
  • Monitoring of business processes.
  • Definition of parameters and rules.


  • Increases the protection of your business assets.
  • Improves the detection of personnel responsible for fraud.
  • Reduces the loss of valuables in daily operations.
  • Reduces human errors in the operation.
  • Increases the effectiveness of the daily operation.
  • Improves decision-making through effective business intelligence.


  • Scheduling of alerts.
  • Sending of notifications to mobile devices or computers.
  • Viewing to indicators to be dealt with.