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Merksyst Loyalty and Frequent Shopper

Loyalty programs have become a very strong trend to consider when preparing commercial strategies in the retail industry. They consist of granting benefits to customers to encourage them to continue consuming and gradually increase the average ticket as a result of the increase in their repeat visits.

Merksyst Loyalty and Frequent Shopper works with all the Merksyst POS applications to generate and manage loyalty programs through:

  • Points system.
  • Electronic wallet.
  • Loyalty levels.
  • Discounts by segment.
  • Targeted promotions and segment-based strategies.
  • Management of pre-paid wallets.

Business Processes

  • Translation of statistical information into key performance indicators.
  • Extraction of historical data.


  • Increased attraction of new customers by adding value to your commercial offer.
  • Improves relationships with current customers by instilling loyalty.
  • Increases the visibility of customers’ consumption habits.
  • Increases the average ticket value and repeat visits.
  • Increases product turnover.
  • Improves the management of existing packages, promotions and merchandise.
  • Makes your commercial strategies more effective.
  • Improved management of the different loyalty programs simultaneously and without the need for additional maintenance.


Application of Loyalty Programs filtered by

  • Customer.
  • Article.
  • Brand.
  • Line.
  • Product family.
  • Market segment.
  • Season.
  • Supplier.

Loyalty Program Generator

  • Held in a high-availability central repository.
  • Centralizes customer information by segment.
  • Card print-out and identification.
  • Targeted promotions module.
  • Adjustable to different customer profiles and consumption habits.