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Merksyst Merchandising

Merksyst Merchandising is an application that integrates your commercial strategies through different sales channels to ensure the correct management of articles catalogs, your promotion, discount and loyalty program structures, and purchasing, sales and storage strategies.

This solution increases your business’s productivity and reduces operating costs by enabling negotiation parameters, targets and service levels to maintain the product/customer ratio, which through the right commercial strategy, will allow you to capitalize on your customers’ experiences.

Business Processes

  • Articles catalog management.
  • Purchase cost and sale price management.
  • Commercial strategies and promotions management.


  • Increases business operating productivity.
  • Reduces costs by structuring your product base correctly.
  • Improves inter-branch control.
  • Improves the business’s commercial strategy by enabling management based on geographical and demographic location.
  • Increases the commercial offer by integrating different sales channels.


  • Captures profit margins or direct prices of articles for institutional sales or bids.
  • Conditions discounts applicable under certain parameters to meet customers’ expectations.
  • Breaks down the detail of each promotion from its application date to its validity date.
  • Displays centrally the points balance and electronic wallet generated per customer.
  • Manages the prices of products that have changed in suppliers’ price lists or on the reception of goods automatically.
  • Customers can view the balance of their points and electronic wallets as well as their accumulation history.
  • Focused sections for companies that seek to offers their customers fixed payment installments in defined terms.
  • Runs product lotteries of articles in promotion to encourage customers to buy a certain range of products.
  • Controls the trading conditions of each of your suppliers.
  • Groups branches together to run mass promotions and standardize prices and trading conditions.
  • Suggests similar and/or complementary articles if a specific article is out of stock.
  • Combines, manages and controls all the merchandise and services traded by the company.
  • Lists single articles with different bar codes to facilitate sales in different packs.
  • Promotes the sale of articles at preferential prices offers combinations of products.
  • Manages customers that stand out because of their repeat purchase habits by collecting points in loyalty programs and electronic wallets.
  • Manages long-term discounts to serve public or private institutional segments.