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Merksyst Physical Inventory

It is common to suffer revenue losses due to a lack of products on shelves or high storage costs of products that may undergo inventory shrinkage. It is important that businesses keep efficient control of their assets because the balance between what is bought and what is sold marks the difference between success and failure in the market. Merksyst Physical Inventory enables businesses to keep better control of inventory processes and identify the right time to resupply.

Business Processes

  • Article checking.
  • Physical inventory.
  • Resupply order.


  • Better inventory control.
  • Reduces human errors in inventory taking.
  • Reduces over-supply expenses.
  • Reduces losses due to under-supply.
  • Better control of product turnover.
  • Reduces losses due to shrinkage.
  • Reduces storage costs.
  • Reduces lost sales due to lack of product on shelves.


  • Entry of articles on sales floor.
  • Counting of articles using bar codes.
  • Print-outs of reports.
  • Integration with inventories.
  • Integration with acquisitions.
  • Comparison of stocks on sales floor and in warehouse.