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Merksyst Point of Service Counter

Merksyst Point of Service Counter is intended for businesses that seek to manage their customer relations and control the delivery of their high-value merchandise.

This solution provides your salespeople with valuable information based on their customers’ profiles and consumption habits, which then enables them to make proactive sales.

Business Processes

  • Articles collections.
  • Customer relations management.


  • Improves the customer experience with tailor-made offers based on customer profiles.
  • Improves commercial business strategies thanks to the statistical sales information available by customer, product and branch, among other sources.
  • Increases the sales of slow-moving products.
  • Increase effective communication between branches and head offices.
  • Simplifies administrative processes by dispensing petty cash branch management in branches.


  • Suggest similar products when the product required by the customer is out-of-stock.
  • Management of promotions targeted by customer segment or specific profile.
  • Petty cash management.
  • Price adjustment.
  • Application to promotions related to loyalty programs.