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Merksyst Point of Service Department Store

As an application integrated into the TCA Merksyst solutions suite, Merksyst Point of Service Department Store helps increase the entry of salespeople by applying more effective commercial strategies and reducing operating costs in inventory management.

This solution increases your commercial offer, forecasts seasonal demand and improves product turnover to meet your business targets and ensure growth and success.

Business Processes

  • Cashier transactions.
  • Consultation.
  • Promotion and discount management.
  • Customer relations management.
  • Salespeople's commission management.
  • Departmental credit management.


  • Increases the efficiency of seasonal commercial strategies.
  • Facilitates the meeting of sales targets.
  • Improves the customer experience and increases repeat purchases by offering attractive benefits.
  • Streamlines the capacity of articles offered on the sales floor.
  • Increases revenues by generating incentives for salespeople.
  • Improves merchandise control on the sales floor and in the warehouse.


  • Multi-users at point of sale.
  • Salespeople's commissions.
  • Means of payment.
  • Department store credit.
  • Records lost sales.
  • Sales of special articles.
  • Stocks in store and other branches.
  • Integration into commercial strategy and inventories.
  • Sales statistics.