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Merksyst Point of Service Retail

Inefficient sales management is one of the most common causes of losses in the retail industry. This problem generates dissatisfaction among customers who seek an ever more personalized and efficient experience in which the main benefit is reflected in time and money savings.

Merksyst Point of Service Retail is an application aimed at commercial businesses engaged in the sale and purchase of consumer goods. This solution increases the efficiency of the business by integrating all its processes thus enabling performance to be viewed to assist in taking better and more informed decisions that ensure that business growth targets are met.

Business Processes

  • Cashier transactions.
  • Sales.
  • Consultations.
  • Cashier cut-off.
  • Customer collections.
  • Promotion and discount management.
  • Customer relations management.


  • Accelerates return on investment.
  • Optimizes sales management and the performance of each channel.
  • Increases sales by ensuring a better customer experience.
  • Improves the efficiency of the commercial strategies applied to the different sales channels.
  • Promotes sales increases by enabling proactive sales.


  • Cashier transactions.
  • Total daily sales reports.
  • Reservations management.
  • Inventory management.
  • Promotions management.
  • Services collections.
  • Loyalty program integration and segmentation.
  • Business credit card management.
  • Asset retirement management.
  • Petty cash management.
  • Integration with additional applications and cellular telephones.