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Merksyst Point of Service Telemarketing

The lack of integration between the different departments involved in the management of sales orders has a negative effect on process costs and logistics and thus, harms customer satisfaction. Retail companies must have the right technology to allow them to access customer information in real time to facilitate interaction, which in turn increases customer trust and ensures the sale.

Merksyst Point of Service Telemarketing is an application focused on all commercial companies that seek to improve their interactions with their customers and the purchase experience through proactive negotiations and sales in which the salespeople can view the profile of each customer and offer promotions based on their purchasing history, update the statuses of sales orders and monitor the logistical process to ensure that orders are filled on time.

Business Processes

  • Consultations.
  • Quotations.
  • Purchase order generation.
  • Customer portfolio management.
  • Credits, balances and debts.


  • Increases customer satisfaction through direct interaction with a representative.
  • Reduces customer data entry errors.
  • Simplifies the sales process and reduces order entry times.
  • Reduces losses due to human error in the operation.
  • Increases return on investment thanks to negotiation skills and proactive sales.
  • Increases the efficiency of logistical processes by integrating the departments involved in the process.


  • Access to customer profile.
  • Access to consumption history.
  • Access to balances, debts and credits.
  • Generates purchase orders.
  • Alternative articles.
  • Location of products at other branches.
  • Promotion and discount management.
  • Inclusion in loyalty programs.
  • Fixed and dynamic route management.
  • Picking and packing management by order or route.