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Merksyst Price Verifier

The Merksyst Price Verifier application simplifies the purchasing process for all customers who seek to purchase remotely and reduce the time spent on the sales floor. With this application, you will significantly reduce the number of personnel assigned to serve your customers and increase the sales flows at your cashiers.

Businesses are responsible for providing the technological tools to keep their customers informed in real time of what they are buying and the prices they will pay. At the same time, this application reduces the points of contact and the sales floor staff for greater autonomy and simplifies the purchasing process. This solution will enable the business to increase its sales revenues as a result of greater customer satisfaction.

Business Processes

  • Consult articles in stock.
  • Consult articles on promotion.
  • Price checker.


  • Simplifies the purchasing process.
  • Increases sales flow.
  • Increases the competitive advantages of the business by following market trends and needs.
  • Reduces the number of personnel assigned to rearranging unsold products.
  • Reduces the number of personnel assigned to customer service.
  • Reduces the level of customer service in information matters.
  • Improves the customer experience and increases their autonomy and engagement.
  • Reduces sales lost due to differences in prices on shelf edges.


  • Bar code scanning.
  • Inventories.
  • Automatic price updates.
  • Integration into commercial strategy and promotions.