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Merksyst Promotions

Merksyst Promotions works with Merksyst Point of Service Retail, Merksyst Point of Service Counter and Merksyst Point of Service Department Store as an additional application to offer personalized promotions to customers.

This application circulates discounts, special prices, points and wallets to improve commercial relationships with your customers. You can also assess the effectiveness and profitability of your promotions using Merksyst Analytics.

Business Processes

  • Customer promotions management.
  • Segmentation and sub-segmentation of customers by profile or reference group.
  • Instilling consumption habits in customers.


  • Increases the visibility of conduct in reference groups and consumption habits.
  • Reduces investment in print advertising.
  • Improves the purchase experience.
  • Increases inventory turnover.


  • Special price.
  • Discount percentage.
  • Gift merchandise.