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Merksyst Route Sales

Among the challenges faced by businesses that sell products through distribution routes or on-board sales is the inefficiency in the operation due to the assignment of inefficient routes, incorrectly picked orders due to incomplete picking notes or sales lost due to price changes of goods if they don’t have real time communication with head offices, to mention a few.

Merksyst Route Sales is a mobile application designed for wholesalers, such as distributors of perishable goods, consumables and in general, businesses engaged in distribution to retailers, and businesses that assign salespeople-collectors to different physical points (regions). This solution provides salespeople with the tools necessary to promote sales and give them focus during negotiations with their customers, beyond merely taking orders.

Business Processes

  • Assignment of routes.
  • Pre-sales.
  • Delivery of merchandise.
  • Collections.


  • Improves the price management to customers, sales reports, orders and back orders.
  • Reduces operating costs.
  • Reduces revenues lost due to shrinkage.
  • Better control of daily operations.
  • Improves control of salespeople's activities.
  • Optimizes dispatch routes.


  • An agenda of visits assigned by date, together with customer information.
  • Shows the promotions available by article.
  • Displays the catalog of articles, with their unit and volume prices.
  • Information of article by case and/or piece.
  • Offers parameters set by the business that allow salespeople to decide when to negotiate prices in order to close sales more effectively.