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Merksyst Store Floor Manager

TCA Merksyst has included Merksyst Store Floor Manager in its business offer, which is a mobile application that increases the productivity of your staff and prevents the loss of revenues due to not updating shelf prices and the absence of product on display on the sales floor. This, added to the high flow of customers through the cashiers when paying, results in a high number of shopping carts being abandoned in the store, leading to a high amount of lost sales.

Business Processes

  • Consultation of prices and stocks.
  • Print-outs of tickets.
  • Gap audits.
  • Price audits.
  • Line breaks.


  • Reduces payment times of articles.
  • Streamlines the sales floor audit process.
  • Reduces lost sales due to lack of product on shelves.
  • Increases the use of personnel to restock shelves.
  • Increases the satisfaction of demand for articles on sales floor.
  • Increases productivity on sales floor.


Using a mobile device, whether a tablet or cellphone, Merksyst Store Floor Manager displays all the functions available in a menu and provides Bluetooth connectivity to a printer.

Line breaks.

  • Product scanning.
  • Generation of ticket with quantities and total amounts.

Consultation of prices and stocks.

  • Bar code scanning of articles using a scanner.
  • Shows the total stocks of articles on sales floor and in local warehouse to view the sales prices by volume on selected articles.

Price audits

  • Compares the prices of articles displayed on shelves against the prices in the ERP database.

Print-outs of tickets

  • Generate missing tickets on shelf edges.
  • Print-out of normal or promotional prices.
  • Allows the ticketing of individual products and/or generates a list of articles to be re-ticketed.

Gap audits

  • Generation of reports of articles missing on sales floor for restocking.
  • Allows the immediate sending of supply order or generates a restocking list when there are no customers.