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Merksyst Store Kiosk Invoicing

Merksyst Store Kiosk Invoicing works with Merksyst Point of Service Retail and Merksyst Point of Service Department Store as an additional support application to improve the fiscal invoice issue process.

This solution is conceived for customers who self-manage their fiscal invoices by offering quick and easy access, both to print-outs of hard copies and the sending of electronic documents directly to their e-mail addresses.

Business Processes

  • Issuance of fiscal invoices.


  • Improves the customer experience by offering an efficient service.
  • Reduces billing times and processing.


  • Stores customers’ fiscal information.
  • Integrate one or more sales tickets into a single Internet Electronic Fiscal Invoice (CFDI).
  • Delivers Internet Electronic Fiscal Invoice (CFDI) both physically and electronically.