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Merksyst Vehicle Fleet

The expenditure incurred from maintaining vehicles by a commercial business plays a significant role in the growth of the business. This being a fundamental tool in daily operations, correct management is needed to be able to maximize their performance, prolong their useful life cycle and improve the control of the transactions completely daily on the routes.

The Merksyst Vehicle Fleet application enables you to manage your vehicle fleet, increase its efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs due to poorly-planned routes or unforeseen faults.

Business Processes

  • Vehicle catalog management.
  • Expenses.
  • Billing and voucher generation.


  • Optimizes the performance of your transportation expenditure budget.
  • Reduces the risk of losses due to poor planning.
  • Increases business productivity.
  • Improves customer relations.


  • Vehicles catalog.
  • Transactions catalog.
  • Brands catalog.
  • Expenses catalog.
  • Types of expenses.
  • Vehicle use.
  • Vehicle ledger.
  • Transactions review.
  • Vehicle performance.
  • Cost center.
  • Invoices with vouchers.