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In TCA Software Solutions, we provide our clients and partners with services and materials that allow them to maximize the benefits offered by the technological software solutions of different industries.

Industry and Product Consulting

We identify the market trends and its best practices offering innovative products that allow our clients to stand out from the competition.

In TCA Software Solutions, our consultants will be our clients’ representatives and will act on their behalf to ensure that our consulting service is always focused on them.

Software Development Consulting

As a technology company, one of our main objectives is to be in constant evolution and innovation. We analyze business processes and develop the right applications to optimize our clients’ operations. To meet our clients’ needs, our consultants develop tailor-made software products for the Hotel, Health and Retail sectors that can be used in PCs, mobile phones and tablets.

Technological Consulting

We provide analyses and diagnoses of our clients’ technological infrastructures to guarantee the ideal environment from the implementation of the project and support long-term growth. We also offer administrative services by facilitating the conditions necessary for the correct management of our solutions.

Help Desk Services

To maximize our users’ experiences, we provide different means of technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for all the products and services we offer.

Implementation Services

We implement solutions and improve the quality of business processes by guaranteeing the successful completion of each project and ensuring the correct use of each application.

Training and Knowledge Transfer

We share our experience through personal or remote training sessions in order to accompany our clients in their growth by providing the necessary knowledge to gain better experience in managing our solutions.

TCA Customer & Partner Network

TCA Customer & Partner Network is a web portal that provides a link between the company and the users of this application. Using this portal, users can access:

  • Technical support.
  • Project management and implementations.
  • Users’ and operating manuals.
  • Product updates.
  • Success stories.
  • Events.
  • News.
  • Press releases.