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La innovación es el camino del éxito. "Top Travel and Hospitality Tech Solution Provider 2020" by CIO Applications

(19 de mayo 2020) - TCA Software Solutions siempre se ha caracterizado por ser referente en el ramo de la innovación, el servicio y la tecnología. En esta ocasión, la revista CIO Applications otorgó el reconocimiento de "Top Travel and Hospitality Tech Solution Provider" a TCA y le realizó una interesante entrevista al Director de la Unidad de Negocios de Hospitalidad, Marco Julio Robles en la que explica por qué y cómo logramos ser líderes de nuestra industria.

En TCA queremos compartir este triunfo con todos y cada uno de ustedes por ser parte fundamental de dicho reconocimiento. Gracias a su esfuerzo, compromiso, lealtad y servicio legendario somos y seguiremos siendo una de las mejores compañías de tecnología en el mundo.

A continuación la entrevista.

TCA - Top Travel and Hospitality Tech Solution Provider

TCA Software Solutions Advanced Software Solutions for Hotel Industry

Driven by a deep commitment to innovation and providing software solutions based on current industry trends and best practices,TCA Software Solutions started its journey back in 1982. Having started out primarily as a developer and marketer of software for the hotel industry in Mexico, TCA Software Solutions branched out to other industry verticals, including retail and healthcarelater in the 1990s.In 2008, TCA Software solutions finally opened commercial offices in the U.S. to grow internationally.By significantly moving the needles in these sectors with its solutions, thecompany has bolstered its presence in the Mexican and Latin American markets.

Today, TCA Software Solutions has emerged as a trusted name in the industries it serves— especially in the hospitality sector. Hotels almost in 19 countries across Latin America, including Mexico,have installed the company’s suite of software solutions, TCAInnsist, to forge a stronger relationship with their customers and have the right information at the right time for greater control on their business.

In an interview with CIO Applications, Juan Pablo Robles, the CEO of TCA Software Solutions,along with Marco Julio Robles, Hospitality Business Unit Director at TCA Software Solutions,shares insights into the most prominent trends in the hospitality industry and how his company is helping hotels drive efficiencies through cutting-edge software solutions and services.

Could you tell us about your offerings in the hotel industry?

TCA Software Solutions caters to the needs of hotel owners, operators, as well as their customers. With almost four decades of experience in the hospitality industry, we have worked with myriads of hotel groups, including business class hotels, boutique hotels, airport hotels, among many others.Our extensive experience has helped us realize the importance of connecting guests to the entire hotel ecosystem. Right from checking in a hotel all the way to checking out, our solutions and services ensure a seamlessexperience for guests.

To this end, we offer fully integrated, end-to-end solutions to enable hotel owners and brand managers to provide world-class service to guests. Our property management solution (PMS) streamlines hotel operation and administration by enabling hoteliers to fulfill different activities and functions, such as establishing a pricing strategy, successfully operating the reception, managing room inventory, conducting tax billings, and more to facilitate an exceptional guest service.All of our solutions in our product suite aretied withthe PMS to optimize various tasks and functions while providing a complete integrated service.

To illustrate, our Point of Sale (POS) and Spa Management systems, among many others, are integrated with the PMS, allowing hotel operators to leverage all the crucial information regarding sales or guests’ consumption preferences from a single source. As such, our customers can personalize their offerings and manage inventory accordingly to servetheir guests better.With cutting-edge analytics solutions, clients can quickly extract necessary information to make informed business decisions and execute timely actions.

For hoteliers, communication with guests should not come to an end whenever they check out of the hotel. They need to build marketing strategies in a way, which makes customers come back again and again. Keeping this in mind, we have designed the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite, which is further integrated with the PMS to better understand guest preferences and generate statistics of their stays. Utilizing this, our customers can facilitate more meaningful communicationswith guests through mobile applications or hotel only channels with the right information at their fingertips. This reduces their dependency on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) for reaching out to customers and communicating with them on their next visit or service. More importantly, our solutions can be integrated with leading channels such as Global Distribution System (GDS), Internet Distribution System (IDS), and Central Reservation System (CRS), which enables hotel owners to increaseroom sales and boost revenue. We also provide a mobile app, which offers a personalized, remote, and fast-care service to guests in all areas of the hotel. In a nutshell, through our software solutions, we drive a seamless collaboration between the back- and front-office operations of a hotel that enables hoteliers to offer top-notch service, attract more customers, and generate more revenue.

What are the key factors that differentiate you in the market?

Our extensive experience and the ability to understand thehotel business better than any player in the market always keep us ahead of the pack. Most of our employees have at least ten years of experience in designing and implementing the latest technology solutions for the hotel industry. Unlike our competitors who try to sell a particular product, our team tries to understand our clients’ demands and business goals and offer solutions and services accordingly. This translates to long-standing customer relationships. Going the extra mile, we always provide our unique ideas to help them achieve operational excellence and increase revenue. Our products are not rigid; they are configurable. Meaning, customers have the benefit of adding functionalities that they might not have requested for but require to meet their needs. Furthermore, we never rely on other companies to develop our solutions. This ensuresthe optimum quality of our offerings while making them cost-effective. We believe in aligning technology with market needs to offer the highest value to our clients.

What does the future hold for TCA Software Solutions?

Currently, we hold almost 25 percent market share in Mexico, and our goal is to maintain the leadership position in the market. We are looking to expand in the South American and the Western European (especially Spain) markets.In addition to this, we have plans to bolster our presence in the U.S. as well. To deliver more value to our clients, we are constantly putting in our efforts to take our services to the next level. From the solutions perspective, we are on a mission to utilize diverse multi-cloud platforms, AI, and big data to help our clients be more efficient. Our company has always been synonymous with innovation, and we will continue to not only hone our capabilities but also to ensure the highest return for our clients’ investment.